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UFOs: Investigating the Unknown

National Geographic, Hulu
Secret Pentagon Program Clip | UFOs: Investigating the Unknown | National Geographic
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Directed and Produced by Rick Stern, UFOs: Investigating The Unknown takes a deep dive into the US Government's UFO/UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) program and examines how recent revelations challenged what we thought we knew about UFOs. Last year, the US government passed legislation mandating an official investigation into UFOs. This provocative five-part series unspools the history leading up to this momentous change and reports on recent developments. It explores what the government made public versus what was kept hidden; citizens' push for transparency while confronting mass UFO sightings; Navy pilots' reports of unexplainable technology; new cutting-edge scientific efforts; and what the future might hold for this confounding mystery, which is the focus of a deepening and expanding search for answers.

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